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1BadArtist is launching a new way for everyone to earn money without any experience. The program allows you to get paid without doing the work! Our motto is, “You make the referral, We do the work, you get a check!” If you are reading this, it is likely that you already use the tool that will get you paid....FACEBOOK!


Everyone on Facebook has Facebook friends, and their friends have friends.  When you refer someone to 1BadArtist to get artwork done, you will receive a percentage/commission when your referral does business with 1BadArtist.  Now, how simple is that? The more friends you refer, the more people will want to get something done.  This means that your earning potential is unlimited!


When your referral commissions 1BadArtist, you will receive a status email that includes an estimated finish date so you will know when to anticipate receiving your commission check.  This concept is a win, win, win for EVERYONE!


  • Your friends get something that is truly unique, one of a kind and found nowhere else

  • 1BadArtist is able to get its services to people everywhere while compensating & blessing others

  • You are able to make money by doing what you already do, NETWORKING with your FRIENDS!


As you can see, ANYONE can earn extra unlimited income without working for it! You, your family and your friends all have the ability to make money and will succeed with this program by referring friends to 1BadArtist, allowing the artwork to sell itself,  all while collecting the check(s)!


The work does the work


“Refer & Relax” that’s all you have to do! The quality, detail and precision of the artwork produced by 1BadArtist speaks for itself. You don’t have to pressure or convince your friends that it’s a good quality product, because they can see it for themselves.  1BadArtist has created masterpieces for countless celebrities and entertainers for over 30 years, but also makes high-quality artwork available to everyone! Look through the gallery and judge for yourself, the work is certainly spectacular! 


Just tell your friends that you know where they can get the perfect gift, portrait, logo design, book cover, mural or anything pertaining to art, have them contact 1BadArtist, and when they do business with us, you get paid for the referral!

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