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I am immensely grateful for the beautiful work that 1BadArtist provided and so honored and appreciative for his gift. 


—  Name, Title

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1BadArtist, LLC was birthed in 2010 out of a passion for creating fine art. The company provides a unique variety of artwork that stirs the conscience and ministers to the soul.  An immense amount of time, resources, ingenuity and love goes into creating these masterpieces!


Each piece of art has a unique story behind it and customers are always inspired to share the drawings that are created by 1BadArtist.  We always seek to give patrons outstanding service and exceed expectations by the quality of work that is provided.


In the years to come, clients can expect to see new expressions of art that push the boundaries of creativity.  1BadArtist will continue to inspire other emerging artists to pursue their vision and attain success. 


Commissioned art & mural paintings are also available for display in your home and business.

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